happily ever after: What We've Been Up Too This Week

Friday, February 22, 2013

What We've Been Up Too This Week

A full day of it beautifully snowing outside, and it being Saturday, we got to just be home and enjoy it.

Sweetie coming home from a week of business in California, love it when he comes home.

Serving in nursery with some favorite friends and getting to just snuggle and rock a sleeping baby the whole time.

Cooking dinners all week in the crockpot. Love my crockpot.

Not wearing makeup and letting my skin breathe!

Organized all our medicines & first aids into separate bins, but still haven't labeled them.

Sweetie got operated on, removing moles and has two new spots with stitches. Poor thing.

Sweetie yells from the bathroom every night because he can't find the pain meds or the bandages.

Had to go off all caffeine, to stop the constant heart flutterings.

Proceeded to take 2 or 3 hour long naps everyday, due to my lack of caffeine.

Had a fun texting session with my Seester.

Had a comforting phone conversation with my Mama.

Went out for Mexican food with some ladies from church, and heard an epic testimony of how God chases us and won't let us go.

Got a two hour delay for co-op due to icy roads.

The boys worked with Dad a couple days this week, and got some good father-son bonding time.