happily ever after: Hello Monday

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hello Monday

Hello crocheting on my new scarf, sitting in my chair, in front of the fire, while we're all talking and laughing together as a family.

Hello needing glasses. Love these little readers from Target. Have them all over the house now. I'm getting so old.

Hello Bible study time.

Hello frigid temperatures and extra cups of coffee in my funky chicken mug.

Love that it says this on the other side.

Hello enjoying the craziness of this boy..

He crawled in my lap and snuggled me like this for the longest time. Of course later I found out he was just trying to sweet talk me into letting his buddy come over on a school day.

He drew faces on all my eggs. Hilarious.

Hello precious sons that dress up just to make someone happy while she's working on Valentine's Day.

Hello being surprised by pretty flowers from my sweetie.

Hello sunshine on the day I had to be out running errands.

Hello cholesterol being over 300 (THREE.HUNDRED.PEOPLE.) and having to change my meal plans.

Hello grocery shopping at my favorite store, filling my cart with goodness.

Hello working, lots and lots of working. But feeling the joy in it.

Happy Monday to you all, I pray it's a good week for you.

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