happily ever after: Some Scenes From Our Life

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Some Scenes From Our Life

Dave and I had a day of running around town together. So much fun. He took this picture of us.

And then he took this picture of us.

And then he took THIS picture of himself...it's his attempt at his smolder. He thinks this is what will get him a girlfriend.

But THIS is why he doesn't have a girlfriend.

He cracks himself up.

Every Tuesday night is our 'unplugged' night. From 8pm till 10pm, we are just reading. My favorite night of the week.

My scrumptious babies.

My manly man.

My Monica and I have started walking again at our favorite park. Walking with her is one of the many reasons I wanted to move back to Wake Forest.

I would have gotten a picture of her too, but she was tinkling in the porta-potty.

See this boy, I adore him, completely and totally. He blesses me.

The dinner time line-up. I love feeding my family.

My baking center. My favorite spot, though I don't get to use it these days as much as I want too...stupid high cholesterol.

The cooking corner.

I love a good pantry.

My view while washing dishes. Love my soap and lotion dispensers. I always use the same lotion. Rose Milk, it's what my Grandma used while I was growing up. Love it. I'm hoping it makes my hands all wrinkly like hers were. Precious.

An adorable laundry room makes doing laundry WAY more fun.

My bookcase with all my cookbooks and housekeeping books.

Blankets for snuggling on couch.

Saved by Amazing Grace.

I think every home needs a chicken lamp with dingle balls.

My Walmart cozy house sweater. It's my version of a 'house coat'.

This is Dave's spot for doing his school work.

This is where you can normally find the Kitty taking his naps.