happily ever after: Scenes From A Chair

Friday, December 28, 2012

Scenes From A Chair

We don't have a sunroom in this new house. And we don't even care. We have found our favorite morning spot. And the morning sun comes in from the windows behind or next to us, depending on how we have our chairs swiveled.

On Christmas morning, Sweetie read us the Christmas story from Luke. It's a tradition.

My legs on Christmas morning, in my Christmas jammies. The polka-dotties and the ruffles, too much cuteness in one pair of jammie bottoms!

Calvi-Bear listening to the Christmas story. We had to wake him up and drag him outta bed. This boy LOVES his sleep! Right after taking this photo, I ran over and snuggled with him. He loves me.

A little blurry Schnoogie-Bear. In that hat. Don't get me started on that hat. But I do enjoy flicking the dingle berry on the top.


This morning, I sit in my chair, this is my view. It's three days after Christmas and I'm ready to take the tree down. How sad is that? The boys leave today for a long weekend trip to visit some friends, so they won't even know.

My favorite view from my chair. This guy. I got him an iPad for Christmas and have created a monster. He's playing some kind of racing game, ALL. THE. TIME. He's enjoying his Christmas Vacation.

There's a whole lot goin' on in this picture. My snowman jammies from Mama & Daddy. A new yarn I got that I'm loving. One more dishcloth. And my favorite 31 bag that I found is a perfect tote for my crocheting.

It's 29 degrees outside and I'm gonna go make some pancakes!