happily ever after: so thankful

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

so thankful

1. it was so cold last night i had to grab an extra blanket.

2. laying in bed and seeing the morning light through the trees.
3. going on my morning walk while everyone else was sleeping and the coffee pot was perkin'.
4. being cold on my walk, love it. ** 5. coming home to find the kitty waiting for his breakfast.
6. getting to kiss on my boys this morning. ** 7. sitting in my quiet chair sipping on my coffee.
8. face-timing with my sweetie this morning. love that man. ** 9. got to clean house yesterday, what is it about a clean house that i love so much.
10. my fall candle, so yummy.
11. it's fall, and i'm giddy.
have a happy day everyone...and be thankful.