happily ever after: photos from my phone

Thursday, September 27, 2012

photos from my phone

this is as much fall color as i've seen in the neighborhood so far. it's comin'!

i cannot tell you how much i love our little house. i struggled with it for quite awhile, but now, i just love it...and when i look at other places that might be available (house shopping is so much fun) i always come back to this and just love it more than anything else.

my favorite part of everyday.

schnoogie bear doing his schoolwork. he gets up everymorning, on time, takes his shower & gets right down to business. love him, so much.

i was having a wonderful moment one night, all to myself, with a cup of coffee in my new mug, sitting in my favorite spot on the couch.

the other part of that same moment. all tucked in with my favorite magazine.

a cozy evening.

this is what i wake up to in the mornings. lovely.

i've started playing with instagram, don't have a clue what i'm doing, but it makes me feel all artsy.

see, all artsy.

enjoy your day!!!