happily ever after: calvin & hobbes

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

calvin & hobbes

see this guy, this is hobbes. he's been around for awhile. like 17 years.

my mom bought him one day when we were shopping together, right after we found out that the baby in my tummy was a boy. jay and i had always known we would name our son 'calvin'.

so hobbes joined us that day and rode around in the baby seat in the shopping cart.

here's calvin's first picture with his hobbes.

and here they are today. too cute.

(i don't know who that goober is behind him.)

hobbes got some cuts last time through the washer and needed some minor surgery. he's been in the waiting room for YEARS. i just picked him up from the doctor's yesterday. he's all healed and lookin' good.

and this is what calvin did with him yesterday while he was doing school...is my boy texting while he's suppose to be doing school!? great.