happily ever after: Today is the day...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Today is the day...

to dribble coffee on myself 4 times during my reading this morning. Don't worry, I blamed Dave.

to change the sheets. Or wash the sheets and put them back on; who has two sets of flannel sheets for the winter?

to run the trash to the curb while wearing my jammies. I know, I continue to impress the neighbors.

to do countless loads of laundry. This photo was taken BEFORE the boys dumped all their dirty clothes in the floor and I can no longer get to the garage.

to put faux-steer chicken in the crock pot for dinner. Yummo.

(funny story - my sister called me about a year ago telling me how I HAD to go to tastykitchen.com and search for 'faux-steer chicken' and make it. Then she went on and on about how much she loves 'roast-steer chicken' from the grocery store and how this is just WAY better. I finally stop her and ask her...."Does she know that it's really pronounced 'rotisserie chicken'?".....dead silence... This is when I launch into my full bodied laughter. And that folks, is my sister. She totally thought that it was pronounced 'roast steer chicken'. Bahahahahahahah!)

On a different note, it's winter in North Carolina, but you wouldn't know it by the super crazy weather we've been having. It felt like it was going to snow on Sunday, but by Tuesday, I had to put the A/C on. I coulda stayed in California for weather like this, people!!! Not okay!