happily ever after: Plans

Thursday, January 1, 2009


I have this big plan in my head of a stellar blog post of all our favorite Christmas memories from this past December. But it involves downloading pictures off of Sweetie's camera and laptop and computer. (which I'm scared of) And actually sitting here and getting them onto the post and writing cute anecdotes to go with the pictures.

Right now, I'd rather clean out the office closet and do the mound of filing that is calling my name. Jay's desk is in a cloud of dust. There is a rather large family of dust bunnies living behind my desk. And I can't fit one more timecard into the files so I need to start boxin' up 2008 stuff.

So please be patient. I must conquer said office room from all things cluttery and dusty. My very exciting Christmas Memories Post will just have to wait. Please talk amongst yourselves in the meantime. Enjoy!