happily ever after: Sleep, Sweet Sleep

Monday, December 29, 2008

Sleep, Sweet Sleep

Okay, first we're up till 12:30am. Because the Chargers won, and they're goin' to the playoffs and we were on a high and decided to clean upstairs before going to bed. Yeah, we're a little strange.

But then Sweetie and I weren't that tired. Yeah, after I turned out the light, he was asleep in less than a minute. I'm not talking to him anymore. I laid there...tossing and turning. I was hungry. If I'm ever up after 11pm, I have to eat again. So I get up and have a bowl of cereal. Then I have to check email and websites. At 2am I go back to bed.

I lay there, AGAIN, tossing and turning. The man is snoring. I remember not that long ago, I used to think that his snoring was cute. He'd only do it when he had a cold, so I'd just let him snore. It wasn't anything obnoxious, just a gentle snore and I could easily turn him over and he'd stop.

Let's just say that things have changed. He's not so cute anymore. I would just start to fall asleep and he'd start up again. I actually put my hand under his head and lifted it up off the pillow, still snoring. I pushed on his arm to turn him over, nothing, still snoring. I gently kicked him with my foot, nothing, still snoring. Then I kicked him (not so gently), nothing, still snoring. I yell out, "oh my gosh, are you kidding me?"...nothing, still snoring.

Then I remember buying these lovely little pink squishy foamy treasures from heaven that you press into your ears. $2.99 and priceless! Ah the sleep, sweet sleep. 4 1/2 hours of blissful silent sleep.

I might need a nap today.