happily ever after: Snow, Baby!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow, Baby!

I know today is a day that will go down in history for a pretty important reason. But for us, it's important for another, maybe more important, reason. We got snow today, baby!!!!

The Dave was, of course, the first up and his stampede down the stairs woke me up. We met up at the front door and just screamed. Too fun. He was the first to throw a snow ball.

We didn't want to wake the Cal-bear, as he was still in hibernation. He gets a little grumpy when you wake him early. But pretty soon we heard the thunder of his footsteps. The two of them bundled up and went outside.

Not deep enough for a good sled ride down the driveway, but you gotta give the boy credit for tryin'.

I wanted to get a picture of them throwing snowballs at each other, but they thought throwing them at their Mom who would squeal was way more fun. The little devils.

I'd take a picture of myself here, but let's be realistic. I'm out there in my big fluffy pink robe and Sweetie's Ugg boots. Not a sight that I would subject anyone but my neighbors to. Your welcome.

But Calvin just sent a ball sailing right at my face and most of it went right down my pajama top...yeah, he was thrilled with himself and the squeals that he got outta his Mama.

And this is what my camera did with having a snowball land on it...but I like the soft focus.

It's absolutely beautiful here. Wish y'all could come and visit and have a cup of coffee and throw down your own snowball. Too fun.

We're sad, my parents miss this by four days as they are flying in on Friday. And Sweetie left yesterday...can't believe he's missin' this. But he's enjoying the lovely 80 degrees in San Diego, yeah, whatever, it's January people, it's suppose to be winter.

I'm off to put my snow garb on and make a snow angel, just because my family thinks I won't. Have to prove them wrong.

We'll be snugglin' on the couch watchin' the inauguration today. And did you know that Homeschooler's don't have snow days???