happily ever after: A Not So Thankful Tuesday

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Not So Thankful Tuesday

Crayola Lady is teaching me to be Thankful. But it's not working so well today.

1. Oh, I'm thankful for Fall, but my hiney is NOT thankful for Pumpkin pie.

2. I'm thankful for the holidays coming, but I'm NOT thankful that we might just be at home listening to the crickets without our extended families with us.

colors are starting to change in the yard

3. I'm thankful for the opportunity to be a stay at home mom, but right now, I want to flee the nest.

4. I'm thankful for caffeine, but my heart doesn't like it. I'm thankful for naps, because without caffeine, that's all I do anymore, is nap. Or is tiredness a symptom of depression? And eating ones weight in pumpkin pie ALSO a symptom of depression?

and colors are starting to change around the lake

5. I'm thankful for cooler weather, but now my laundry piles are bigger.

6. I'm thankful for diet coke, but I can't drink it ANYMORE, and if any of you out there, catches me with one again, you have my permission to blog-slap me.

that little tree is extra eager for fall

7. I'm thankful for blogs that encourage me (thank you Lori & Heidi), and SO wish that I had better writing skills. I realize that I should erase all evidence on this blog that I home school my kids, y'all are scared for them, aren't ya?

8. I'm thankful for my puppy, I'm thankful for my puppy, I'm thankful for my puppy, even though she's turned into a frantic ball of fur and chewing frenzy. She's a cutie. (oh, side-note, her name will remain "Daisy Mae", I was all ready to take a vote with the family on Friday morning and they all voted NO on callin' her Lucy Lou, they REFUSE to use the new name....and Dave voted to start calling her 'Roadkill', I'm not talking to him anymore. SO Daisy Mae remains.)

and...I have no idea where this came from, but it showed up in my pictures, I'm thinking some little boy had something to do with it....

9. I'm thankful for Walmart, Supercenter. THE Walmart. The chance to save money, the chance to get EVERYTHING on my list at one stop. I am, however, not thankful for the agonizing experience that is shopping at THE Walmart. It is a never ending task. I mean, that store is so pickin' big, you get lost and lost and you feel older, dirtier and definitely crankier when you exit. I was completely exhausted when I left there yesterday. And that was WITH Calvin pushing the cart. I'm trying this new thing of making out the week's menu and doing ALL the shopping in one day....I know, I know, I'm a little slow

10. I'm thankful for ebay. Somebody just shoot me now. I came into the office now, to make sure I would be watching the computer, so I would not miss out AGAIN on Dave's little book series he's intent on finishing. I had 20 mins to go till the end of the bid, decided I'd blog a post while I waited......yep, you guessed it, it's passed, I blew it. (Dave just came racing into the office to see if I won....I'm now known as the Poopy Mommy, that's okay, I'm goin' to start callin' him Roadkill).

Hope Y'all Have a Happy Tuesday.