happily ever after: LOL

Thursday, October 9, 2008


meaning 'Laugh out Loud', it does not mean 'Later on Loser', which is what my husband thought 'LOL' meant. He also thought that it might mean, 'Lots of Luck' either way, when I enlightened him, he was glad that his one friend that texts him, isn't really trying to be mean. Now Sweetie embraces his texting ability by leaving the house each day with, "LOL LOL LOL.... Lots of Luck (with the boys today), Later on Loser (because that's how we flirt), Laughin out Loud (all the way to his truck)"....Whatever!

Okay. I needed a good laugh today, something to bring me out of my quiet-ness today. And here it is....go....laugh....and share. Giggle on over to Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and read today's post, she busts me up on a regular basis, but today was clearly a post of all time. Enjoy....

Does anyone know how I can get 1000 or so of these printed out in bumper sticker form? And don't tell anyone, I've been looking for something to pass around at the homeschooler's convention next year. oh, oh, oh, or better yet, to pass out to all the homeschooler's at our church....oh yeah, that'd be a good one.