happily ever after: Hey, Howdy, Hey

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hey, Howdy, Hey

I've been bad, oh so bad. I've had lots of stories popping up in my mind, which I know would be SO blog worthy, but then I find something better to do with my time and forget it. Then there is the every-other-day feeling that I'm going to stop this whole blog thing. I go between feeling guilty for not posting regularly, to feeling like my posts are just a sign of my 'full of myself-ness', to realizing that it really is just to update my loved ones on the west coast about our happenings. So here I am, the boys are tackling their VERY long chore list before school. My walk is postponed till the temp gets above 40, I'm hoping by 2pm today I can go outside. The laundry is whirling, the dishes are NOT done, and yesterday's school work is still NOT graded. But I'm here for you, folks, just for you. :o)

We interrupt this bloggity post to tell you what I just spied out the window. Thing One (that would be Calvin) is using the blower to blow the leaves out of the garage, off the front porch, walkway and driveway....I look out and he's got his other hand held out in front of him as if he's using 'the force' to move the leaves back. Too funny, and maybe a bit too much Star Wars watching goin' on.

The Daisy Dog (as I so lovingly call her now) is not growing. I mean it's like she's stopped. I wanted a bigger dog, you know Golden Retriever size. She's Winston size. I look at her paws for signs that she has to grow into them, and they pretty much match the rest of her. I'm sad. She's cute, but small. She's small, but still oh so fluffy and soft and good to cuddle with.

The Daisy Dog is learning REALLY well. She's trained on her collar that keeps her in the yard. So now she can run amuck with the Winston all day and come in for cuddles whenever she wants. The best part is I get my laundry room back. Oh the laundry was in such a sad state. We had to keep it all in the small hallway outside the door with a baby gate in the doorway. Trying to lift laundry over the baby gate while dodging the little ball of fur nipping at your heals was NO FUN so I just let everyone run out of socks and underwear. That lasted for just about a week and a half, then Sweetie got mighty cranky. :o)

It's pickin' cold here. It's windy, which I don't like, 'cause that means all the pretty leaves will fall down faster. Sweetie likes this, he wants it over sooner than later. He's no fun. 'Course he's the one that has to do the leaf chores. I get to sit inside, sippin' my coffee and watch from the warm comfy chair. :o)

Our season's sports are over. And we are actually sad. I miss football. I miss visiting with my friends at the field. We look forward to basketball season. That's right, both boys will be playing basketball starting this winter. They are too excited.

We decided we won't be traveling for the holiday's this year. I'm sort of thankful, cause it makes our Christmas a little less stressful. Plus, it's giving us the opportunity to invite friends over that also don't have family in the area and pray we can be a blessing to each other.

Sweetie got onto a thought wave of moving to a little neighborhood that is just opening up and RIGHT ON A GOLF COURSE. The houses are really cheap. So I went out there yesterday and checked out their models. Cute, cheap, further away from stores (which could be SUCH a blessing)....but not as pretty as where we live. I'd miss the pretty drive through the trees, by the lake. I'd miss our home, that I'm convinced more and more each day is such a blessing from the Lord. I mean, I didn't get to go shopping for just the right house when we moved here, it was this one or nothing. I didn't even get to see it until we were already in the throws of buying it. But isn't that just how God works things out? We left it to him, and he took care of it. It fits us and feels like home. Plus, I'd miss our neighborhood.

Yep, this past weekend was the annual Halloween Neighborhood Party. We all get together for a hot dog BBQ, Pumpkin Carvin' contest, Costume contest, Hayride pulled by tractors down the street to all the neighbors giving the kids candy. It's so much fun and the kids look forward to it every year. It was a little sad this year, as last year was when my sister was in town and she was with me throwing candy at the beggin' children. Good memories.

I don't have any good photos of things. Sorry. You'll have to live with these. Enjoy. And have a good week.

(ah, homeschooling in the country. it's recess time, both boys are still in their jammies and it's 11:30)

(this was obviously during a much warmer week, hence the lovely tank top and no socks on my boy)

(this was at one of Calvin's games, it was MUCH colder than we had anticipated, and with us being 45 mins from home, I had to run to the nearby store to get the Dave a sweatshirt, he put it on and I went weak in the knees. Sweetie was out of town at the time, and this is pretty much his uniform; faded Levis and a grey hooded sweatshirt. With Dave lookin' so much like his Daddy anyway and then the outfit, awww, I couldn't resist)

(cuddlin' with my Davester)

(i know, I'm sorry, as if you didn't have ENOUGH pictures of the kid in his uniform, but dang, he's good lookin'!)

(Daisy Dog)

UPDATED: This is how out of it I really am, I had already posted a couple of these pictures. Your welcome.