happily ever after: Thankful Saturday

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Thankful Saturday

1. Sweetie comes home tonight, he's been gone for a week.

2. Laughing with a sweet friend and her girls at tea yesterday.

3. Sweetie comes home in 12 hours.

4. Good Morning hugs from Calvin this morning, he's the best hugger, outside my Mama.

5. Sweetie being home tonight.

6. Dave's sweaty-smelly boy kiss when I told him he could stay at his friends last night and spend the night.

7. Seeing Sweetie tonight.

8. Waking up to this beautiful scene every morning.

9. Did I mention that Sweetie's comin' home?

10. Date night with my boys this past week.

11. A sleepy Sweetie callin' me this morning saying he's leaving for the airport.

Must go now, lots to do...put away laundry, shave legs, stock fridge, throw away ice cream evidence, wash hair, take trash & recycables to dump, shave armpits, scrub shower drain, find dress that hides what ice cream did to me, water drooping house plants, have second cup of coffee, will need the energy.

Hope y'all have a great Saturday!

(most pictures were found on my camera phone and taken by my boys)