happily ever after: Cars

Friday, August 22, 2008


Cars. I eat, drink, sleep....cars.

Sweetie came up with the idea a couple weeks ago that we might be able to save money each month if we got rid of my van and the hefty payment and go with something that has smaller payments each month. Silly me, never knew that was even an option. After hearing that I WAS ON A MISSION!!!!!!!!

I've been doing my shopping this week. Sweetie gave me a crash course in car shopping and salesman slappin'. I've been to 7 dealerships in the last 3 days. I'm a little pooped. And LITERALLY, I've been dreamin' cars, I make lists about the cars while I'm eating, and I wake up EARLY in the morning still mulling it all over in my head.

Calvin is mourning the loss of 'the van' and his personal lazy boy in the back with a movie screen. Dave is hoppin' with excitement, seriously the boy has been jumping for a week. He's wanted to go with me on every test run, but the kid is a pain, as he just wants racer red or streakin' blue and it needs to be on a mustang. He's VERY practical, that boy.

We've narrowed it down to two pretty different choices and this morning we go and see which one. I'll let you know next week.

(this is one of the choices, and the best deal, SCREAMIN' deal on 2008 Camry, stripped model with manual transmmision, which, thanks to Daddy, I'm pretty darn good at drivin')

We are also driving to Tennessee today to visit some special friends. Her nana just passed away yesterday morning. Nana was a sweetie and a pillar in that family. She was 92 and is now home with her Lord and her sweetie. She will be missed, I'm sure.

So I'll see you on the otherside of the weekend, hopefully with a different car, a little extra monthly money, and some precious memories from Tennessee.