happily ever after: Hair Do Tuesday

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hair Do Tuesday

In an effort to save money and simplify my life I've decided to go back to my orginal hair color. I've been wanting to do this for a year, but Jay has been dragging his feet a little. But when your hair looks like the reverse skunk that mine does right now. And you just HAVE to go in to get it done, but the bank account doesn't agree, well, one needs to reaccess ones priorities. So I wish I was asking for y'alls advice on this, but I don't really want your advice, I want you all to lie and tell me I look better the way God intended me to, a brunette. A mousey brown brunette. Besides everyone knows, brunettes have WAY more fun! I go under the knife Tuesday afternoon. I notified my hairdresser today during Sunday School. She's excited, though she demanded that there would be no tears allowed. It's been eight years of blonde bliss. Dave is very sad, as he thinks he's getting a different Mommy. Calvin called me 'hot mama' no matter what my hair color. Jay promises to love it. I'm thankful that I won't be the brunt of all those blonde jokes, even though most of them fit me to a tee, whatever. So gear up for pictures and please don't laugh. See you Tuesday night. (oh, and please forgive me for saying that my hair was mousey brown, no, I don't think every brunette looks all mousey, quite the opposite.)