happily ever after: New Do

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Do

As promised, my new do. I like it. I really like it. Jay was a little in shock. Like he was going to get into trouble for flirting with someone else, other than his wife. He kept seeing me and saying 'How You Doin'? Which of course made me just giggle. And then he decided he needed to take his new girlfriend out on a date.

The boys were very sweet, though I had threatened them before I left, to make sure not to hurt my feelings. They like it, but they again keep walking into a room where I am and wondering who's here to visit.

And of course I keep having to take double takes in the mirror, trying to find myself.

Anyway, sorry, I know I promised I'd post the picture yesterday. But a sad friend needed me, I HAD to come to her rescue with pints of Vanilla Swiss Almond so we could drown our sorrows, her two oldest had just left for college. :o(

Then of course, there was the date.

Then I had to go on my walk this morning.

Now I'm getting ready to go over and help a friend organize her house, we're starting in her laundry room. I'm so excited I just can't contain myself. I've got the label maker all plugged in and warmed up (just kidding, but I did pack extra batteries). I'll see if she'll let me post before and after pics. I know y'all will just LOVE those!

Have a Happy Day Loved Ones.