happily ever after: Thankful Thursday (but on a Saturday)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Thankful Thursday (but on a Saturday)

1. For the friends my Calvi has. He's had a very social week of at least one coffee or lunch date everyday. The boy is going to need a second job in order to afford his social life, or a Proverbs 31 wife that will allow him such luxuries.

2. My baby took a spill on his skateboard this week. It was a horrible fall and he's quite the mess. But I'm SO VERY thankful that it was not so much worse. During our day at the hospital, we heard countless tragic stories, it makes me quite emotional to think of what 'could have been'.

3. Enlisting prayers from our friends for more work, and within just this past week, we got four new phone calls. So thankful for HIS provision.

4. My job. Did you know that I work? I do. I do all the books and such for our company. I'm FINALLY starting to take it seriously. After 13 years, I figured it was probably about time. Ha! The past two weeks I have been having to pretty much re-learn everything as I've switched to doing the books off of a software program and am now on an online application. Ugh!!! "It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks!"

5. Homeschooling. I'm amazed that I'm almost done. That I've lasted as long as I have. I'm thankful for all the different opportunities there are in our area. It's been a stressful summer trying to navigate and plan and make sure I finish their schooling well, but I'm excited and thankful for our upcoming year.

6. Friendships. Walking every morning this week with sweet Monica; the time flies by as we do circles up and down the hills in her neighborhood and vent all our woes and tell all our stories. Plus a very special night last night with some favorite friends that we haven't spent time with in many years. Precious.

7. The weather was cooler this week, WOW, so much cooler. We could go on our walks anytime of the day and not pass out.

8. I started using fabric softener sheets in the dryer, AS WELL as using the liquid downey in the wash...the towels and SO MUCH softer. Oh the joy of burying your face in a nice fluffy towel that smells so divine. Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference.

9. The neighborhood pool. Love it that the kids can have their friends over and they all just go to the pool. What fun!!!

10. My Sweetie is teaching a class tomorrow at church. I love it when he teaches. So thankful he gets opportunities to share his gifting.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!