happily ever after: Tour Tuesday - The Kitchen

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tour Tuesday - The Kitchen

(I forgot to post this yesterday, so forgive me, I'm a day behind.)

My kitchen. Love this kitchen, I love how it opens to the rest of the house. I love the arrangement. I might want to paint the cabinets a white color, but this house gets so much light that I never feel like it's dark in here.

My favorite square wreath is from Target (a long time ago).

My baking center. I am a lover of all things baked.

Food storage. Boring. But well organized.

My beloved spice cabinet. Makes me look like a real cook.

Where I keep my extra mason jars & lids. Our extra vitamins. (Yes, I'm a vitamin junkie.) And our paper goods.

Cooking utensils.  I keep them in one drawer, if they start not fitting, it's time to get rid of something!

Knives and all things sharp.

Pots, pans, lids, skillets, mixing bowls & measuring cups.  I love that all the lower cabinets have the pull out shelves.

Under the kitchen sink.  I'm in love with those dishwasher pods, how easy are those things!?

Pantry love.

Pure bliss.

I have a mixture of mis-matched white dishes, it suits me just fine, especially since I've got two clumsy boys that do the dishes everyday and tend to break things.

This is what happens when your son finds you in the kitchen trying to take pictures. He's so helpful.

I have been put on restriction from buying anymore mugs.  I love mugs, I don't know why.

We have lots of silverware.  We are constantly running out of spoons, so I stock up when I can.

The tea drawer.  I have gotten back into drinking tea, as long as it's caffeine free and  TAZO brand is my favorite.

The coffee pod drawer.

Small appliances.  My two favorite ones are on the lower left, my Vitamix and my waffle maker.

The junk drawer, AFTER I straightened it.  See those red trimmed circle stickers, from the Martha Stewart line at Staples, I love them, I use them to label everything.  Just love the Martha Stewart line at Staples.  Anyone else??

That's my kitchen, time to go cook something.  Thanks for visiting.