happily ever after: Hello Monday

Monday, July 22, 2013

Hello Monday

Here are the latest pictures of our summer adventures:

Playing Yatzee one night, Winston likes to play, but he couldn't get his full house. Poor thing.

One more family shot while in the car. This is going to become our Christmas card picture, cuz it's the only time I think to take a picture of all of us. So lame.

I love summer storms, but this one was a little scary looking.

Love sitting on the front porch during the rain.

Face Timing with Sweetie and Dave every morning when they were on their big baseball extravaganza trip.

Snuggling with my favorite boo while watching a movie.

While in San Diego, our trips over lapped by a couple of days. I hadn't seen these two in a week, I was SO excited to spend a day with them.

My mother-in-law is precious.

My Daddy is hilarious and such a cutie-patootie. Though he's going to kill me for posting this picture of him.

A most precious afternoon with my mama and sister, love them so much.