happily ever after: It's a Busy New Year

Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's a Busy New Year

Getting everything unpacked and put away. Decorating and making the place feel more like home. Embracing the new opportunity to organzie. Starting back to school. And trying to catch up on all my work. That's been our lives.

Sweetie was home a lot, which we loved. And he was my hero for helping me decorate. And hang things, the correct way, and not with a zillion little holes.

(translation: me with poo on my head, makes me a poo-poo head.)

After telling Calvin to get out of my room at 11pm and stop telling me random batman stories, I got THIS note under my door. I cracked up and went and hugged him.

Dave had his driver's training this week. Apparently he totally impressed the teacher with his driving skills. And told the teacher that his mom was the worst driver in the family. I'm no longer talking to him.

This has been my spot for the past week. Apparently things don't get done by themselves when you take an extended break from working. See that pile to the left, it was twice that size when the week started. ugh.

But on a better note, I absolutely LOVE the layout and placement of my office, it feels very 'Fung-Shway'.

Winston jumped in my lap this morning and snuggled with me, how cute is he?!

This was Sweetie's outfit for the morning. He says he was trying to look like my Daddy. (Don't worry Daddy, I smacked him for you.)

Saturday morning breakfast. Yummy scrambled eggs, toasted english muffins & juice.

Happy Saturday everyone, I'm off to keep working on that pile at my desk & help with a funeral dinner tonight.