happily ever after: Frogs on Ice

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Frogs on Ice

I finally took some pictures around the house last night. Your welcome.

This is the entry way. I love having space to greet people and that you don't just walk into the couch when you enter the house. I'm still trying to figure out what to do in that stairwell up there. That table and topiary are just sad and waiting for the boys to knock them over. But I'm waiting for the right inspiration, oh and some money. Always a factor.

Walking in the front door you see this.

And the fancy dining room to the left. I still need to do something better with those curtains. But this room is AWESOME in the afternoon with the sunshine, so I don't wanna cover up the windows too much.

The living room, family room, great room...whatever you wanna call it. This is the space we love. I want to put little half curtains on those back windows, just because we back up to someone elses house. The mantle isn't even and symmetrical but I just picked up Grandma's ding-dong clock this week from the Clock Doctor and am SO EXCITED to have it and hear it and see it.

Our cozy bedroom.

The best bathtub, EVER! I feel completely spoiled with this bathroom and especially this tub. And feel bad if anyone doesn't have a bathtub to enjoy. If you want, you can come over and enjoy mine, really you can. I will add the bubbles for you.

Now for the fun phone pics for the weeks.

I made Sara's Salsa for our small group this week. And, OH MY GOODNESS, this stuff is seriously good.

My hilarious sister sent us Super Hero shirts for Christmas, I'm WONDER WOMAN. I sent this photo to her, proving I actually wear it. She liked my navy hoodie as my cape.

Last time we were out of town, some sweet (and funny) friends took care of our house and animals for us. They had a good time messing with our stuff, but my most favorite was that she wrote me sweet notes in my kitchen notebook. Didn't know they were all there until I would need to turn to a new page. So sweet.

My sweet and favorite friend, Theresa, had a special birthday this past week. Her family planned a whole day of surprises and I got to be a big part of it. Just getting to spend a huge chunk of time with her was blessing enough for me. She is precious.

I can't believe I'm even showing you this picture. Because aren't we all alike in that we try to always show our best pictures. If the kids take some random shot and your double chin is hanging loose and you weren't sucking in your gut and your worst side is facing the camera, you threaten them to delete immediately or they will suffer a painful death if they post that darn picture anywhere, RIGHT??? Please tell me you are like that too. Thanks.

Anyways, we were all sitting around one lazy Saturday morning and Calvin started texting us random photos of movie stars all buffed up with huge muscles. After the third one, we explained that the more 'normal' behavior would be for him to be texting photos of girls. But then, we put in a disclaimer, that we also don't really want them doing that either. Well that started it. Dave started in with pictures of Emma Watson, his secret girlfriend. Calvin added a few of his favorite actresses. Ugh. The pictures of hot girls were flying back and forth between the three of my guys. I was NOT amused. So I took this self-photo and sent it to them. And stated THIS was the only 'hot' girl they needed to be seeing. The laughter took a long time to end. Whatever.

We had a snow/ice storm yesterday and everything is slick and frozen outside. Poor froggies, they need little sweaters.