happily ever after: Thankful Thursday

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thankful Thursday

1. The cold weather.

2. No more showings on the house. Definition: no more keeping it constantly picked up and clean.

3. Starting school again with the boys.

4. Pretty good rentals in the area.

5. The hardwoods were too cold to walk on barefoot this morning. A sure sign that fall is here.

6. That it looks like our house will sell and be closed in one month. Such an answer to prayer.

7. The Dr. had to change my thyroid meds and now I'm not hungry all the time. Yipee!

8. A pretty empty weekend is coming up, we need some down time.

9. Shopping for houses is pretty much 'Ultimate Fun' for this shopaholic.

10. Feeling relaxed today. Very thankful for the calmness that God gives me in crazy times.