happily ever after: Good Morning

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good Morning

I will miss this yard.

Yesterday as I was climbing the driveway to go on my walk, the leaves were falling off the trees and onto my head. How sweet is that?

The outside smells like camping. You know that great morning air, that is so fragrant of trees and dirt and grass and nature? I love that smell. And my house has that in abundance. You can't bottle that smell. Sorry, Yankee Candle, you just don't got it.

I finally went on a walk yesterday morning. I don't even wanna look at my calendar and calculate how long it's been since I'd walked my street. I got all teary-eyed. I have five more days to walk this sweet street.

I love the neighborhood dog that just stands up and greets, she's too old to do much else. I love the donkey's braying in the morning.

I love the old guy that is constantly workin' in his yard.

I love the stupid guinea birds that saunter across the road just as you're trying to drive by. I love the little old ladies that walk EVERY morning. They put me to shame.

I love seeing the flowers on the graves at the church cemetary. I love that all the cars that pass wave at me. I love that the lady is STILL trying to walk and train her big dog and still won't say anything to me but a very meak 'hi'.

I love walking by the Albrights and seeing their sweet homestead and chickens and horsey, and knowing that I could totally walk in there and get myself a glass of water or steal a cup of coffee if I wanted to. I haven't done that as much as I should have. I will regret that.

I will miss how the road bends and curves and the different sunlight and shade that comes along the way.

And I will miss how sweet my house looks as I turn to come home, the smell of the trees overhead as I walk down the driveway. And those leaves falling on my head.