happily ever after: Fall Enjoyment

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Enjoyment

Just some things that are bringing me some enjoyment lately...

1. I saw this little treasure in the Walmart the other day. Sprayed it and flew back to when I was a little girl. This was a scent I always wore....it was only $9.00, I could not resist!

2. My fall shoes. They are comfort for my back and feet. And look even cuter with my flowered socks.

3. The praise music CD that Calvin picked out for my stereo this week. He plays it while he's doing the morning dishes, brings such joy to our happy home. Love that big guy.

(calvin before his football game, what a stud!)

4. Going to the library. It is my boy's favorite thing to do right now. I love seeing what books they find. They each have their own card and check out their own books.

5. My fall stuff is packed up and in the bottom of the storage unit. I absolutely love this little 'Autumn' book, but mine is packed away. I found a copy at the Library yesterday.

6. While my boys are at writing class, I'm curled up on a sofa in the local coffee shop, enjoying a pumpkin spice latte, Christian tunes comin' over the stereo, free wi-fi and my favorite book. It's chilly outside. It doesn't get any better than this.

7. Work. So very thankful that Sweetie has work, and that our guys in CA have some work finally as well.

(sweetie at the football game)

8. We get to go to the Hurricanes Hockey game tonight. (Thanks Jason, you're the best!) We haven't been to a hockey game since before the boys were born. I've always wanted to take them, I just know they will appreciate the fights (I mean the game)!

9. Cultivating new friendships. My fellow sisters in Christ.

10. Cozy mornings. Dave comes down and snuggles in Sweetie's chair with him while they go over the latest sports scores. Then he comes into my bed and reads with me. Love that little guy.

(dave gettin' ready to steal second)