happily ever after: Hey, Y'all!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hey, Y'all!

So this past weekend my sweetie took me away. Yippee! I love going away! We ended up in Savannah, GA. What a place! I've always wanted to go and it couldn't have been more perfect. We went on trolley tours, we walked our poor little feeties into blisters, we ATE!, we napped, we watched lots of great movies, we talked, we laughed.... it was a perfect weekend.

We stopped on the way to get some nurishment.
(Hey, Heidi, he was talking to your husband here!)

There are these great squares throughout the downtown, that are gorgeous with all the spanish moss hanging from the trees and the azealas were all a'bloomin.

And YES! we went to "The Lady and Sons" restaurant. For those of you that don't know, that's Paula Deen's restaurant. For those of you that don't know her, she's the lady that talks, y'all and laughs and cooks with nothing but butter and mayonaise. My boys think she's funny and looks just like my mama, so we pretty much love her, even though cooking her dishes raises our cholesterol levels.

We waited in line for 2 hours just to get reservations. But I made great friends with the ladies around me. And they fell in love with my sweetie, because he kept walking to the front of the line and assuring us that there weren't people cutting, he got us ice cold water, he took our pictures, and he was very charming. :o)

The food was to die for, literally. The five blocks back to our hotel was excruciating, I couldn't wait to undo my pants and lay down. :o) The restaurant was really cute. It pretty much took up the better part of our day doing this, but my sweetie was SO sweet and willing to do this for me.

This is me with my plate from the buffet, I took a little of everything, and the big blop on top was the macaroni and cheese! It was ALL so good, I had collard greens for the first time, YUMMO! Didn't care for the black eyed peas, loved the limas, the fried chicken was good, but not near as good as my Grandma's, the sweet tea was PERFECT, and the GOOEY BUTTER CAKER was scrumptious. I wouldn't let Jay pass up on his dessert, because I wanted to taste two. OH my goodness, everything was too good.

If you ever have the chance to visit Savannah, go, you won't be disappointed.

This is Sweetie in front of River Street, a great walk on cobble stones, fun restaurants, shops and bars. He got me a pina-colada, and then had to take me into a Tavern so I could eat something, I was having a hard time walking on the cobble stones!

See the fun cobble stone streets? They were all over the place.

And this picture is for Daddy, something about this electrical didn't look right.

Anyway, fun was had by all! The boys got to stay home and be watched by friends, they had so much fun, they didn't want us to come home. Whatever!