happily ever after: American Idol

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

American Idol

Okay, it's time I said something! Jay and I are totally hooked on American Idol. I cannot believe it's taken us seven seasons to finally get into it, but we're finally here. Anyway, can I just say that cutie-patootie, David Archuletta is so cute, I want to squeeze his little head off and hang it from my review mirror (quote taken from Paula Abdul). Of course, it's the same way I feel about my own David....and he just LOVES it when I say that! Tatoo girl, Carly, is way good, but her husband scares me, and I love it that they are from my home city. San Diego, not Ireland. I love dreads boy, Jason Castro, he could sing me to sleep any night. I don't really care for the little girl, and I'm thinking she's going this week. Sweetie loves, and I mean LOVES, 'si-eesha', (for the life of me I don't know how to spell her name) he thinks she is the best. I keep telling him that he's nuts and the she really isn't singing just for him. Whatever! Australian guy, Michael Johns, is oh my goodness yummy! Brooke White, piano (and now guitar) girl is my favorite. I absolutely love her. Her voice, her personality...she's just perfect. But I have to give credit where credit is due....rocker guy, David Cook is the bomb! The guy should win, seriously win. And if it weren't for my Sweetie sitting at the pnone and voting continuously for his 'eye-eeesha' girl, David Cook might hava a chance. But really, what I wanted to say was that the guy totally reminds me of my cousin. See, I have a famous cousin (and he loves it that we think that). If you're interested at comparing go on over to his sight and see for yourself. www.tobywalters.com, click onto his myspace to hear the music. He writes his own music/lyrics; great worship music. He's so good it gives me chills. Maybe it's because I'm related to him, but I'm moved when I get a glimpse into someone's heart, and it's a heart that is yearning for Jesus. He's the last cousin to be born in our family and thus was the brunt of all our jokes. Poor thing, I think he got over it when he married an absolute angel, Shelley. Anyway, enjoy him. And I can't wait till the next installment of American Idol. Who's your favorite??? (nicknames stolen from my sister and neice)