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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Spring is definately here. I can tell by all the sneezing going on in my house. And the countless kleenex boxes around the rooms. Not to mention the big piles of 'snot rags' laying on all the surfaces. (WHY CAN'T THEY SEEM TO THROW THEM AWAY? IT'S LIKE THEY ARE COMPETING TO SEE WHO CAN HAVE THE BIGGEST PILE AT THE END OF THE DAY!) But what we ARE enjoying about spring is all of this....

our grass is greener, the forest is filling in with leaves, and the world has an overall 'green' shade to it.

the azaelas pop

the iris blooms

"HERB" the froggy guards my "HERB" garden

the pine tree pollen has FINALLY stopped dropping, so we could clean and prep the porch for dining.

It's been raining a lot, and a little chilly. But tomorrow it's suppose to be 80 degrees. Hope y'all have a good week.