happily ever after: Where the *bleep* are the Alfalfa Sprouts!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Where the *bleep* are the Alfalfa Sprouts!

Four grocery stores later, I finally found the little suckers. I LOVE alfalfa sprouts. And didn't know that living in the south would pose a problem in finding them. The little boogers. You see for 3 1/2 days I've been craving a certain sandwich. For my friends birthday last summer, she had me down to her house for lunch while her daughter made us these delicious tasty creations. They remind me of a sandwich I used to get at a local sandwich shop in my hometown. But I really hadn't had one in years, it seemed, and never thought about making them myself. But today for lunch, I was determined. So for 1 1/2 hours this morning, I drove to four different grocery stores trying to find alfalfa sprouts.....of course I couldn't leave a single store without buying SOMETHING, so I now have quite the collection of grocery store bags. Anyway, thought I'd show you guys how you too can have a tasty creation all of your own.

1. The bread: You have to use GOOD bread. I always have this stuff at home. It's Arnold's 100% whole wheat bread. Yummy and soft (very important for it to be soft, otherwise it won't get stuck in your teeth).

2. I put a THIN layer of mayonaise on both peices. I'm not a huge fan of mayonaise, but realize that it might be a little dry without it.

3. Romaine Lettuce: I pile this stuff on. I'm not good at eating salads, so this is my way of having a salad on my sandwich.

4. Tomatoes: I always get the tomatoes on the vine because they are actually red and the little roma slices fall off my sandwich. I use two perfect slices. I can go through a whole tomato trying to get the perfect slices though. I'm a perfectionist that way.

5. Onion: Now this is a very important step. I'm not an onion on my sandwich kind of person. I tend to burp them all day (your welcome) plus sweetie won't kiss me as much afterwards (whatever). Anyway, this is very important. YOU HAVE TO HAVE ONION ON THIS SANDWICH! Get a vidalia onion, sweet onion, very tasty. This adds SO MUCH FLAVOR your eyes will roll back into your head. Again, it needs to be a THIN slice and try to be perfect about this slice too.

6. Turkey: I put three slices of turkey. Now, I fell in love with this sandwich in the vegetarian version. So if you are so convicted you can omit the turkey. But I need the protein, so I had turkey. And sweetie will only eat this sandwich if it has turkey on it. Geeze, what a guy!

7. Cheese: This is where you can go crazy and not follow my directions. I always have provolone, but swiss is good. I wouldn't do chipolte cheddar, but that's Calvin's favorite. Do a slice or two of cheese. Yummy! My tummy doesn't like cheese very much, so I'm only having one slice.

8. Avocado: Oh yeah baby! Now I spent $1.77 this morning on this lovely creature. But it is SO WORTH IT!!!!! It's not like I'm buying four of them, just one. I mash mine up, because as we all know, sliced avocados are slippery little suckers and fall off of the sandwich and all over your lovely shirt and pants. (as I sit here, I already have an avocado stain on my shirt, and I don't even care.) Anyway, very important to mash up avocado and smear (I love that word) all over the cheese. Yes I used the whole dang avocado on MY sandwich, don't judge me. The avocado will act as a green glue for your sprouts.

9. Alfalfa Sprouts: Maybe it's because they come in a little box. Maybe it's becuase you can't even take one out without pulling 127 out with it and making a mess all over the place. Maybe it's because they just smell like Spring to me....but I love these little treasures. Now put on as many as you can get to fit, I really squish them in there.

10. Salt & Pepper: I use this liberally all over the thing.

11. Now place the other slice of bread over the top and cut the monstrocity (sp?) in half. And just so you know, there is no way to eat this thing and be a lady about it. So just dive right in and make a mess of yourself and your shirt....who cares!

......this is mine......I'm just too full to take another bite.....dang it....that's probably .75 cents in avocado there. Oh well.