happily ever after: Quietness

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I just read a blog post, it's actually from my favorite blog. It's my favorite, because it was my first to ever read. (Check me out I did a link!!!) But anyway, she SO summed up what I want to embrace. She's taking a break from all things electronic. Blogging, emailing, internet, TiVo, cell phone, etc. I love that. Sometimes I feel obsessed with my computer. I'll come here even before I drink my coffee, or before I let the boys know I'm up, but most important I come here before I read my bible in the morning. Before I open the curtains and say 'Good Morning' to my Lord and thank Him for such a beautiful morning. What I want to do is: Open the curtains & greet my Savior, hug the family, grab my coffee, and sit in my chair for a little 'sittin in the lap of Jesus' time. But instead, morning, after morning, I find myself at the computer. I wonder if anyone else has this problem?

I made small baby steps this afternoon. I was really going to blog and stay in and probably perch myself in said office chair, but instead I went to a friends house, had tea and let the kids play outside with their friends all afternoon. That face to face interaction really is good for the soul. And it was SO good to laugh and talk about all things important and not so important.

It was 80 degrees here today. So absolutely beautiful! Tea on the deck with friends, I'm very thankful for my small step towards quietness.