happily ever after: For Sara

Sunday, December 30, 2007

For Sara

So one of the perks of moving out of state is that when I do come home for a visit, I get really good quality time with those that I love the most. Like getting to wake up in my parents house, and having countless lunches and shopping trips with my sister, and hanging out with my best friend. In fact, when I come to town, my sweetie makes sure that she and I get to go away for 24 hours, just the two of us. So this is for Sara......(I know, I said your name, EEeeeK!) Since it was just after Christmas, we had some returns to deal with, but we tag teamed it and so it went fast.....but after Target, Costco, In and Out Burger (oh my sweet Jesus, thank you for In and Out Burger), one mall, hotel room, second mall, dinner take out from PF Changs (oh my sweet Jesus, thank you for PF changs, too!), dinner and a beer and a movie in the hotel room, and wake up and go to the third mall (yes, we like to shop)....we were plum tuckered out and not missing our kids AT ALL! But alas it was time to go. (is alas a word? did I use it correctly?...whatever) So, thanks for the fun, the laughs, the talks and thanks for tattling on me to my sweetie that I bought three pairs of shoes and two purses!!!!! Geeze! I miss you.