happily ever after: French Toast

Sunday, December 30, 2007

French Toast

One of my most fondest memories of growing up was the music that would be blaring and wake me up on Sunday mornings. The Statler Brothers...does anyone know of these guys???.....They are horrible and as a teenager I was always rolling my eyes and pleading with my Dad to PLEASE turn it off, and PLEASE stop singing along with them, and, oh my goodness, PLEASE stop dancing. But this, of course, just encouraged him more. I know, one would wonder why this is now one of my fondest memories, but I'm a little backwards that way. Anyway, as we played our UNO game last night, I announced that I wanted Daddy's french toast and Statler Brothers playing in the background when I got up in the morning. (I've become very demanding since I moved)....so this is what I woke up to this morning. Laying in the very comfy bed in my old bedroom at my parents house, trying to pretend that I was still sleeping and hearing the gentle whirl of the whisk in eggs and milk, I bounded out of bed and headed for the kitchen. YUP! There he was, baggy sweats, horrible bed head (and he can really pull off the bed head, people, big time!) He's fryin' up the bacon and french toast in the SAME PAN! YUM! and on the CD player is not the statler brothers, but something even better....Marty Robbins, greatest hits....oh yeah, baby, it's good! I was in hog heaven, to quote my dad. My only regret is that I was too hungry to even remember the camera to capture the sight for all two of my readers. :o) So sorry. Gotta go now, need to scrub the syrup from my chin and look decent for church, that's going to take awhile.