happily ever after: Then this lady from church got on my case for not blogging in awhile....

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Then this lady from church got on my case for not blogging in awhile....

it's okay though, she's the sweetest lady in all the land. (Hi Sally!)

Over Easter weekend we got to take a trip to the mountains.

We were super excited.

We went with some super-duper friends.

This is Grant, posing like he does, in front of our totally-rockin'-awesome cabin.

And yes, there was snow on the ground, so daily snow ball fights were had by all.

This pretty much summed up what we did all weekend. Grant walking back from the kitchen with food in his mouth, typical. Monica working on the blasted afghan that she feels she will never finish. Gracie in her lap snuggling. Jay in his favorite spot where he would daily nap in front of the basketball game. Me just being thankful he wasn't working and was relaxed.

This was also a typical scene. Gracie and Dave on their phones, Grant in the middle looking like he was ready to pounce on one of them.

Hannah and Calvin were twinsies for like a couple of days, cuz isn't that what you do when you're on vacation, you wear the same clothes over and over again? Yep.

Grant tried to tackle the Dave into a snow bank. I DID NOT get the picture of him picking him up and slamming him down into the pile of ICE! Let's just say, there was much laughter, and then blood and scrapes. Good times.

This is my Monica friend. My walking buddy. Love her. See how sweet and cute we are?

Yeah, not so sweet and cute now. We got all excited, we thought we had found Dave's phone, he had been stealing ours all weekend and posting gosh awful pictures on them, so we did this to his....but unfortunately it was Jay's phone...he STILL has this as his wallpaper. Goober.

In the backseat on the way home.

After picking up Winston from the boarding place. They just snuggled like this all the way home. It was the sweetest thing.

And now for some random pictures off my phone....

This is a daily occurrence, to find pictures like this on my phone. Turtle-boy.

My babies had just gotten home from their youth retreat. They had an amazing time. Loved hearing all their experiences and seeing their joy. Precious.

Dave had a presentation in class on Napoleon Bonaparte and THIS is what he used for his opening slide. That boy is hilarious. Yes, he got an A.

Calvi gave me a tattoo during church one day. Love it.

The boys decided to go study at a place in town one day, I missed them, so I sent them this picture.

Then this one.

Then they said something sarcastic back at me, so I sent them this one.

Calv-Boo came into our room one night to 'share', love his heart. Getting some wisdom from his Daddy and taking it in.

This cat naps more than I do, and that's hard to do!

Had to take Winston to get his shots, the other day...this is him staring me down while I was driving there, he knew EXACTLY where we were going. It was the saddest thing, while we were in the waiting room, a family came out that had just had to put their precious doggie down. They were all crying, but I lost it when the Dad was carrying the boy, both were sobbing and the Dad was speaking soothing words to his son. That was it, I went into the ugly cry right there in front of them sitting in the waiting room. It broke my heart. I do NOT look forward to the day when that will be us with the Winston.

But on a happier note; did you know I was married to Superman? What a stud, this guy.

Eating lunch with my babies, and THIS is what I get to look at. Wow.

Had a totally fun day out with my sweet friend Mimi, we had sushi. I hadn't had sushi since last summer. It was SO yummy. This was my baby dragon roll. Too cute.

Calvi and I took a 'selfi' while running errands one day.

Dave was snuggling with me on the couch, but when I tried to take a picture, THIS is the face he gave me. Goober.

And I leave you with this image. Look how content that kitty is, his favorite snuggle spot. So sweet.