happily ever after: Randomness

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Last Saturday we woke up to this. Gorgeous, and we had nothing going on that day, just a cozy-lazy day at home together.

"Snow Caps"

We celebrated Valentine's Day...someone sent me roses...he might like me a little.

Sweetie took me out, we used a gift card we had for the Cheesecake Factory, yummo. Coffee, walkin' the mall, and a movie. A perfect night.

I'm sorry, but I just had to show you what it's like living in this house with Jr. High boys. Yes, all three of them! It's mud, don't worry. But when you're sitting intently at your desk trying to focus and get some work done and all of a sudden this is thrown at you, well, one might scream. Yes, he got the reaction he was looking for, the goober.

A little family portrait for you, though we couldn't seem to get Sweetie into the picture, but that's okay, he wasn't exactly in the smiling mood....do you see what's parked behind us? Do you see that guy walking up to the side of the car? Yep. And for the record, it was Jay this time, NOT ME!! And on the way to church! (I believe that makes it special.) And some friends passed us on their way to church. (I believe that makes it more special.)

Check out Dave's outfit, what a stud. Don't blow up the picture and look at his hair, he might be gettin' a bit crazy with the gel, I'm no longer allowed to fuss at him and his hair. Ugh.

Happy week everybody, enjoy!