happily ever after: Cleaning the House & a Tour

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cleaning the House & a Tour

There is just something about Saturdays and getting chores done. It's all good. So as the guys were outside doing chores, and in the garage doing chores and in the attic doing chores....I got to stay inside, doing what I love best. Nesting. (No, I'm not pregnant.)

My kitchen is wonderful, I absolutely love it. The sunshine, it makes me a happy-happy girl.

It came with this island, that has become 'kitchen central', all my pots, pans & lids are in the drawers. So handy.

It's an 'eat-in kitchen', love this, that the whole family congregates here, breakfast & lunch, while I cook and serve it up. Sweetie found this little table when we were first married and refinished it, it's precious.

A view to the back deck, and where dog & cats sit and whimper till we let them in. Or certain neighbor boys come knockin', wantin' to play.

Counter by the stove, and where all the music is played in the house. Those are my salt & pepper bowls, makes its so much easier and fun while cookin'.

Coffee central, and my favorite place in the morning. Mmmmm, I can taste tomorrow mornins' coffee. And yes, that's all our vitamins. Mmmmm, I can taste the burping of those fish oil capsules. So tasty.

Love these glass cupboards, and it helped that all my dishes are white. This is also 'appliance alley'. I have WAY too many appliances, and not enough places to store them, plus I use them ALL THE TIME, so putting them away is just a pain.

This is our itty-bitty fridge. This came with the house, and what with the buyers of our other house beggin' for the fridge, I'm now stuck with this beauty. I'm thankful that we have our extra fridge in the garage. I just have to clean this baby out every couple of days to make sure that nothing is getting pushed to the back and wasted. Someday, I might get a real 'grown-up' fridge, till then, 'itty-bitty' will have to do. It also doesn't have an ice maker, so my boys got to learn about the art of making ice, re-filling the ice trays and not just stealin' 2 out of the tray and putting it back. They had no idea what these things were before we got this fridge. So I'm thinking it's completely worth it.

The little hallway going to the 'fancy dining room'. I'm a lover of the wreath.

Again, the phone wall and cookbook shelves. That bookcase is a total piece of junk, but I spray painted it and decided it looks charming.

And now follow me upstairs, we'll check out the laundry room....

This new house, doesn't have a laundry room, it has a laundry closet. But it is on the second floor, so I'm not complaining. And of course I still found a way to put my stamp on it and make it all cutesy.

I love me some baskets, bummer I couldn't put labels on these shelves. A very sad thing.