happily ever after: Neighbors

Friday, November 6, 2009


So we recently moved. We now live in a neighborhood. We were a little nervous about living in a neighborhood.

On our second day we were driving out of the driveway when three ladies walked up and wanted to meet us. They brought us goodies and a map. A map that had all the houses around us with the neighbors names and their phone numbers. Precious.

Two days after that we got another package on the porch, goodies and a homemade card with a welcoming message from another neighbor and their phone number as well.

We think we're gonna like this neighborhood thing.

Then two days ago, a neighbor got a little overly friendly by taking up camp on our front porch. This is getting a little ridiculous.

Would you like another picture? Here you go.

There is something seriously wrong with this. If I wasn't so dog-gone tired, I'd demand that we move.

But at least he decorated for Christmas.