happily ever after: Here, Let Me Take Your Coat

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Here, Let Me Take Your Coat


come on in.

Here, let me take your coat.

I'll put on a pot of water to boil in the kettle and we can sit ourselves down for a chat over some tea.

Go pick yourself out a tea bag while I grab the mugs.

I think I'll have a chai tea with a splash of milk.

Please, find yourself a comfy chair and put your feet up.

"Boy it sure is chilly out there.

I hope the weather holds for tomorrow.

I do love a cold Thanksgiving Day, perfect crisp air to have the turkey roasting in the oven and play a good game of football in the backyard."

Speaking of football in the backyard, my guys just came in from a romping game and this is my baby. Big Lug gave him a knee to the nose. Nice. (Big Lug = Calvin)

Well, time to get dinner in the oven. Thanks so much for stopping by, do come again, anytime.