happily ever after: Welcome Fall, and Other Changes

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome Fall, and Other Changes

Today is the first day of Fall. I love Fall. I love the cooler weather. I love the coziness. I love the changing colors. I never liked Fall until I moved to the east coast. Because where I'm from, they don't get Fall. They get heat, and fires, and dryness, and wind and HEAT!

It's official people. Our house is on the market. Anyone wanna buy it??? How will I ever live without this view??? Since the day we moved in, I have been thankful for the opportunity to live in such surroundings and have felt so spoiled and almost like we were cheating by living in such beautimous scenery.

The Realtors came and told us what to move out and around. We had to get rid of the chair that goes with the furniture. (No, we didn't get 'rid' of Sweetie's chair, we just put it in storage, he can still go and visit it and sit in it whenever he wants to). Dave arranged this furniture. I was at a loss. I was on the brink of a clean-out melt down. Till the Davester came down and had this brilliant idea. And it works. And everyone loves it. And Dave is my hero.

The school corner had to go. The boys were thrilled. They tried to box it up and load it on the truck to go to the storage unit. Yeah. Nope. It just got moved. They are happy-happy boys.

Oh, and it is no longer the school 'corner', but the school 'wall'. I'm clever, I know.

And the guest room is now guest friendly. Just in time for a visit from my Sister in October and my parents in November. Wee-hoo. (By the way, don't think I haven't noticed that none of Sweetie's family has ever come to visit us in the three years since we moved here, not that we're bitter or anything, I'm just stating a fact. Not that our feelings are hurt or anything, we are much stronger than that, really. We totally feel loved, sure.)

Oh, and I got my hair chopped. My sweet hairdresser/friend Kathleen, is on maternity leave. Ugh. It doesn't look too bad right after I fix it in the morning, but by midday, it's a disaster. The other night I was on Skype with my sister and she was horrified. I was trying to make it look better by using office supplies to put it back. Paperclips work best for putting weird stray long bangs back into place, just in case you were wondering.

Sweetie and Calvin have been gone for a week. They come home tonight. And it's about pickin' time.

This is what Dave does in the morning. It's very sad. The boy needs his Dad.

I'm off to enjoy this first day of Fall by cleaning all three of our toilets, because that's what I have to do everyday on some off chance that a potential buyer wants to see them. Lovely.