happily ever after: Fireworks and a Life with Boys

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fireworks and a Life with Boys

The question for today is, what happens when fireworks go through the dryer???

Let me back up a little.

We went to Tennessee this past weekend to visit some friends. Uncle Jeff & Aunt Kristy. They spoil my boys plenty. Donuts, oreos, cocoa crispies, fruity pebbles, sodas, swimmin' in the lake, movies on the big screen, video game marathon, basketball championships, and fireworks, lots of fireworks.

Aunt Kristy makes it her purpose in life to make my boys into pyromaniacs. She' insists on driving out to 'fireworks county' to buy my boys some sparkly loud things, every year. She won't let me buy them, she insists on buying them. Fine, waste your money on things that just go boom and will be gone in less that 3 seconds. I don't care.

This is Granny, she sells the fireworks. She's a hoot. This isn't our first time meeting her, but for some reason I just had to get her picture.

My boys are happy here. Happy happy boys.

Here are some more pictures of our time in Tennessee. We had ourselves a good 'ole time, as always. Lots of fun, lots of laughter, lots of food that wasn't good for us at all.

Dave and Nathan have this special kind of relationship. We can't explain it, they are just a couple of cutie-patootie's in a pea-pod.

We took our annual 17 mile bike ride down the Virginia Creeper Trail. So much fun. Sweetie and the Davester rode ahead and were trying to beat the pack, but then they got hungry and had to stop and wait for our pack horse, that would be Jeff.

He was in charge of the food. This man is serious about his food, it was in good hands.

My Calvin, he's a goober, he might be in Jr. High. It shows.

These are our bestest friends. We've been buds for, gosh, long time.

I have 14 pictures that Sweetie took of them, while he was waiting for them to stop bickering and all smile at the camera, they are too funny.

We stopped along the bike path and ate our picnic lunch. I love this photo, it shows us all laughing, that's what we do. But in this particular photo, we were down to the last brownie and Aunt Kristy told everyone to give it to Calvin, but he was being too nice and asking everyone who wanted it, then Sweetie just grabbed it and shoved it in his own mouth. He is THAT kind of nice Dad. I love him.

Our family portrait, we think we might use this one for the Christmas card. There's that goober again. He's homeschooled.

While trying to eat our sandwiches, we caught Calvin trying to throw Dave into the river. Nice brothers.

The bike ride normally takes us 4 hours, we did it in 2. We were hauling down that path.

The whole trip was total fun. Lookin' forward to the next one. Oh and about those firecrackers in the dryer....

Nothin' happened. But that didn't stop me from callin' Dave and telling him that he blew up the dryer and his pants. Poor kid. But this is what I found when I opened the dryer tonight, lovely, just what every mother wants at the end of a long day, sawdust in her laundry. Nice.