happily ever after: Working Hard

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Working Hard

So my Sweetie has been in California for two weeks, working. Work has picked up there and we are so very thankful. My dad does some work for us and this week has been no exception. Daddy has worked a lot for us. But today I got these pictures texted to me....

Yep, that would be my Sweetie working. Working hard for his family. We're so proud of him.

And then a few seconds later I got this picture...

My Dad on the same job, working, actually working.

(isn't my Daddy cute?)

Sweetie got a severe lashing after I got these photos.

Though about an hour later I got this photo, from my Dad, titled "problem in my kitchen, how do i fix it?"

This would be what my Sweetie does when he goes to California, he stays with my parents, but then sets up office on the kitchen counter. My dad thinks it might stop my mom's ability to cook food for them, this causes him anxiety. Hilarious.