happily ever after: March 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday Morning

"Give Thanks in all circumstances,
for this is God's will for you,
in Christ Jesus."
1 Thess. 5:18

This is the verse that found me last night. I scribbled it down on a sticky note and went to sleep.

This morning I awoke before dawn with a tickle in my throat, as I walked downstairs to get some water, I could see that dawn was coming and it was foggy outside. The house was quiet, birds were chirping, and the HOUSE WAS QUIET.

This week has been really good, but really overwhelming for me. I realized that this 'tickle in my throat' quite possibly was the Holy Spirit allowing me some quiet time with God. I didn't go back upstairs. I laid on the couch and prayed and slowly watched the morning come. And was overwhelmed again, but this time with THANKFULNESS.

1. I'm so VERY MUCH thankful for God's presence in my life, I don't know how others deal with things, my heart breaks for those that don't have the Lord to lean on and give their burdens to.

2. I'm VERY thankful for my husband. His gift of wisdom and love blesses me everyday. His partnership in parenting these past few weeks, THANK YOU JESUS!!!! His fun and sweetness with me, THANK YOU JESUS!!! His wisdom in handling things, THANK YOU JESUS!!!

3. My boys. They are precious, and full of preciousnesses that give me great joy. Even in the midst of their 'potty humor' I love them and I'm very thankful for the gift of them.

4. I'm very thankful for the friends God has given me. The ladies at church, the ladies outside of church. The fellowship, the laughter, the comraderie the sweetness...I'm so very thankful for these women.
(oh my gosh, my spell check just did a total number on 'comraderie', and I'm completely lost as to which one is the actual spelling, so I'm leaving it and lettin' it rock on its own!)

5. Homeschool Co-op. The boys and I joined a co-op this week (hence the overwhelmedness). It is an answer to prayer as we enter these next few years. I always said that I couldn't be in a homeschool co-op, because let's just say you REALLY don't want ME teaching your kids logic, grammar, math, spanish, world history...I mean let's just say it...I excel at naptime, I love the snack, I rule the recess - and that's about it. :o) So this is HUGE for us to be in a co-op. It runs differently and that's why it's working for us. The boys are loving it, even though Dave isn't really 'in' yet. I'm very thankful for this new adventure in our lives. (and I'm thankful for you, Courteney, for inviting us! you're such a blessing!)

6. Laughter. Last night was 'Exercise Night' on the Wii Fit. You haven't laughed till you see your three guys trying to Hula Hoop. H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S. Last week was the first time, it was my turn to choose the sport and in an effort to find something that I might excel at, above the guys, I picked hula-hoopin'. I was literally crying, I was laughing so hard, they finally asked me to leave the room, but I crawled back to the door just to fall to the ground laughing again at, well, mostly the Calvin, that boy has some sweet moves! And yes, I rule at the hula-hoopin'. Wii Fit, good times.

7. Spring. I'm thankful that spring is a comin'. Tuesday we spent the afternoon at the park. The PARK, people. It was 70 degrees, SEVENTY, people! The boys got little sunburns on their pasty faces, and I think I got my fill of the vitamin D to last me another month!

8. I got a cold this past week. And I'm thankful that for the fist time in a few years it didn't turn into a flu. It was just a normal, little, mamsy-pamsy cold. (Ah-Choo! Bless me.) I'm so thankful.

9. Neighbors. I'm thankful for our neighbors. Have I mentioned before that we've never lived in a neighborhood. And the Dave has always wanted to. Now we live in a neighborhood and guess what lives right behind us...three boys. Sweet family. Athletic family. THREE BOYS. The oldest is the Dave's age and they are too cute. Just yesterday sitting at my desk I can see when they get home from school and are in the back yard playing, I yell to the Dave and he goes runnin' out. They play football, basketball, Calvin takes them on adventures in the forest, and they swing. Too funny to see these 12 year old boys swingin' so high on the swings. Very fun. And the little brother, he's 5 and LOVES to come visit me. Except that he cleans out my peanut bowl and often doesn't tell him Mama where he's goin'. Nice. They are comin' to dinner tomorrow night, they are wanting to start attending a church, we are excited for the opportunity to minister in their lives.

10. Scripture. Not too long ago I started praying that God would give me such a desire for His Word. He has answered that prayer. Sometimes I just sit, with my beloved Bible open on my lap, my hands laid flat on the pages, and just breathe a sigh of peace and joy for this freedom that we have. I love that no matter what book, chapter, or verse I'm reading, God is speaking directly into my life, my heart, and I'm VERY thankful.

Have a blessed day lovies.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Golden Nugget for This Morning

Worry is Disobedience.

That is so profound, and so true.

Worry is Disobedience.

'The disciplined mind makes no room for doubting God's plans for me.'

Is my life full of HIM, or is it full of 'other stuff'??

"You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast because he trusts in you (God). Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord, is the Rock eternal." Isaiah 26:3-4

In you, Lord - in YOUR WILL, in YOUR PRESENCE - all is well.