happily ever after: One Fine Day

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One Fine Day

After being sick off and on again for about a week, it was SO nice to wake up this morning, feeling MUCH better.

After a lazy morning laughing with Sweetie in bed, then a warm cup of java from my favorite Christmas mug. I sat in the sunroom with my laptop while Dave sat on the sofa with me using HIS laptop. That's right, as if we weren't obnoxious enough with three laptops, Sweetie's mom sent a laptop with him on his last trip to give to the Davester. It needed some serious tweakin', but Dave is one happy little computer nerd now, just like the rest of us.

After making the family breakfast and sending Sweetie off to work, the boys and I scrambled to get ready and out the door in time for Science class. I dropped the boys off and sped (er, I mean, drove the slow speed limit) to the mall to get finished up with my Christmas shopping. I love being at the mall during Christmas season during the middle of the week, right when it opens, when no one else is there. So festive and happy.

I was only 20 minutes late picking up the boys, but I did finally settle on the perfect gift to get my mom, and that WAS the most important task for the day. We just had a couple of stops to finish for my Dad's present, then a trip to the library.

We made a run through McDonald's only to find them OUT OF DIET COKE!!!! 'Excuse me??? Isn't that un-American?' I asked the lady through the drive-thru speaker. She didn't think I was very funny. So we got our cheeseburgers and drove to Sonic where they DID have diet coke. Very American, that Sonic place.

After dropping the boys at home to finish their schoolwork. I got to go play organization with Theresa. After about 30 minutes of organizing, we decided what we really needed was a trip to town to go shopping. That's how I know I should not take this up as my future employment, I always end up shopping.

Fast forward to a yummy crock pot dinner with the family in the 'fancy dining room', and Sweetie announcing that he was taking us to Goodberry's after dinner. He's the best! First we had to stop by the Albright's to pick up Sweetie's truck, only to find a dead deer in the back of it, gross. We decided NOT to take the truck just then, what with all the blood dripping out of the back. Nice. We were then off to take the boys to Target to shop for Christmas presents for one-another.

It was one of those perfect days, of way too much fun stuff, that feels even more fun because you've been feeling sick for a few days and finally feelin' better.

Hope y'all are enjoying this Joyous Season.