happily ever after: What We've Been Up To

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What We've Been Up To

The boys got ahold of my camera one day and took this picture. I'm thinking it's Calvin. But not really sure. I think he looks like one of those dog photos that makes the nose of the dog look really big. Still a good lookin' kid, I think.

Dave's Crocs had to be retired this summer. The strap is completely busted and the tread on the bottom is completely gone.

He got new ones. We decided to get black. I'm thinking they can pass as church shoes. Yep, definately church shoes. Maybe not with those jeans. Yeah, maybe I need to retire the jeans too.

Took a family day the other day. Went to the park and played tag. I was base. I can't play tag. We found out the hard way that Mom pees her pants when she's being chased. It's not funny, people. But it's fun being base, especially because I can move and play favorites.

But then Dad pushed Dave off the play structure and Dave started to cry. That ended that game. And none of us were talking to Dad after that. (Dave actually fell off, but it really did look like Dad pushed him, so we went with it.)

Next we went miniture golfing. Yes, that's my Sweetie actually working while golfing. That's how confidant he is in his golf game.

Calvin LOVES to play. This is basically what he does the whole time, hits his ball in some wayward fashion and then perches on the posts.

Dave does an excellent victory dance.

I love this particular place because they play the BEST music and the boys love to see me dance. You'll notice the only picture of me is of my feet....the rest of me needs Weight Watchers.

Sweetie has started having the boys clean the kitchen for me after dinner. They do everything. Clear the table, put the food away, scrape the plates into the trash, rinse, load the dishwasher, wash by hand the big stuff, wipe down the counters and clean the sink.

They are my heroes! And they do SUCH a good job.

Mr. Deer visited our backyard, and now I know what's been happening to my hydrangea's. Can't wait till deer season. Three more months.

I've started making smoothies again. My favorite recipe is: 1 whole peeled orange, 1 c. frozen blueberries, 1 c. ice cubes, 1/2 c. soy milk, 1/2 c. pomegrante juice, 1 T. ground flax seed, 10 ozs. raw spinach, 3 dried dates...put it all in your vita-mix machine and whirl-away. Oh Yum! This is my family enjoying...what you don't hear is them asking what that just was that went through their straw...hee-hee....don't tell them.

We just started baseball season. This is Dave, hitting it out of the park. Okay, maybe it went to the pitcher. But the next game he got an in the park homer. That's right. He's a stud.

And by the way, this is Gigantor. He's now taller than me and loves it!