happily ever after: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

I love that song. I find that I sing it often in my head. This is a little something that you probably didn't know about me, and for some odd reason I thought I'd share it. Your welcome. Here's some more things about me..... :o)

1.) I love my bathtub. Hello little slice of heaven. And that little pink guy would be my bathtime buddy. Picked out and given to me by my favorite two year old down the street. Too sweet. One has to have a bathtime buddy. (And since my dad reads my blog) My official stand is that cute duck is the only bathtime buddy I have. Really, Daddy. No foolin'. Would I lie to you?

2.) I now love these things. Are they reed diffusers? I don't even care. I'm in love. I've grown to have issues with candles. And that is a shock for my Sweetie. He always stuffs my stocking with candles at Christmas time. Cusses under his breath every night when he has to go around the house and blow out all my candles. Gets irritated when he comes home to find me gone and my candles still lit. It's a constant marital issue. But then, all of a sudden, I too didn't like them. I've become sensitive to the smokey smell they put off. I've become paranoid of the smoot (hee-hee) that we might be breathing. I've been having dreams of our house going up in smoke due to my carelessness with candles. Let's just say, it's weird, but Sweetie is doing the happy dance....and he doesn't dance, only slow dances, and let's face it, the happy dance is a fast dance with peppy music, don't ya think? I digress. So I've found these things. The smell is so NOT overpowering and they're cute and funky. Over the past couple of months, I've put one in every room. Happy me and happy sweetie. So go get yourself one. They remind me of something my sister would have at her house, she might just need to be looking for one in the mail soon.

3.) Lamps. I love lamps. This is something that has only started within the past couple of years. But I'm addicted. In fact, Sweetie has put me on lamp restriction . I'm not even allowed to look at lamps in a store. Let me count, I have 18 lamps just on the first floor, and that doesn't count the ceiling lights. I like light. But if it comes in the form of a cute little lamp, well, that just makes me all the more happier. And yep, this would be the one I just put in the laundry room. And yep, Sweetie is rolling his eyes.

4.) I have a serious addiction to Chocolate Teddy Grahams. My boys laugh at me, I cannot even go into Target and buy a box with my groceries, without devouring them throughout the store. I get mad if they have some, and they better not even think about sharing them with their friends. Maybe it's because they are "grahams" and they say "whole grain" on the box, but I'm under the belief that I'm being healthy, but really, when you eat a whole box in a day....that's really not healthy. But, oh, they are too cute & tasty!!

5.) My bed, oh, I know, it's really 'our' bed. But let's be serious. Would a guy have 14 pillows on his bed? Would he have giant doilies as pillows? Would a guy pick this incredibly 'cutesy' bedroom furniture? Would a guy have flowers on the bed linens? I think not, so really it's my bed, and I let him share it with me. It's a sleep-number bed, oh yeah. We invested in REALLY good sheets. And the mostest softest blanket ever made by mankind. And the pillows are all different squishyness. And I like to sleep with like 6 of them. Sweetie loves that! When, at the end of the day, (okay, who are we foolin', at anytime of day) when I get to crawl into those heavenly sheets....oh my goodness, it's my happy place. And of course, it doesn't hurt that it's where I get to hang out with my sweetie most.

...on a different note...It's Saturday today, bread is mixing in the machine, I'm cleaning house, the boys (all three) are outside doing Spring yard work, and we're BBQing tonight. It's a good day.