happily ever after: 2012

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Thankful Sunday

1. Sitting in the sunshine yesterday while eating my lunch. LOVE that this house gets so much more sunshine and is so bright throughout. Mama needs the light.

2. My hot detox bath last night while listening to my favorite piano music.

3. Feeling like we are getting sick, but had the energy to make homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner.

4. Cozied up on the couch, eating cuties, watching favorite movies with my Sweetie.

5. Spending the day yesterday getting Christmas out, and organized better for next year and stowed away in the garage.

6. My boys are visiting friends this weekend and having such a great time. Sweetie and I feel like empty nesters, and don't really like it. Plus the dog is pathetic without Dave here. But I'm still thankful they are having a blessed weekend.

7. LOVE having carpet again in the living room. Makes a room SO MUCH more cozier.

8. Those squishy-soft-fluffy-bed-time socks. Over the years I have acquired quite the collection, but have never really gotten into wearing them...until now. I'm addicted. Go in, take my shower, get all lotioned up and put on my squishy-soft-fluffy-bed-time socks. Bliss.

9. Crocheting. I know I'm totally turning into a granny, but I don't care. There is something so relaxing about it. Plus when my guys are watching their sports or scary shows, I have something to do that keeps me in the same room and enjoying their company, plus the zoombies don't scare me as much when I've got yarn and a needle in my hands.

10. With Christmas down and still another week till school starts I get to start unpacking the 'fun' boxes. Getting my house 'cutie-fied'. Good times are ahead.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Scenes From A Chair

We don't have a sunroom in this new house. And we don't even care. We have found our favorite morning spot. And the morning sun comes in from the windows behind or next to us, depending on how we have our chairs swiveled.

On Christmas morning, Sweetie read us the Christmas story from Luke. It's a tradition.

My legs on Christmas morning, in my Christmas jammies. The polka-dotties and the ruffles, too much cuteness in one pair of jammie bottoms!

Calvi-Bear listening to the Christmas story. We had to wake him up and drag him outta bed. This boy LOVES his sleep! Right after taking this photo, I ran over and snuggled with him. He loves me.

A little blurry Schnoogie-Bear. In that hat. Don't get me started on that hat. But I do enjoy flicking the dingle berry on the top.


This morning, I sit in my chair, this is my view. It's three days after Christmas and I'm ready to take the tree down. How sad is that? The boys leave today for a long weekend trip to visit some friends, so they won't even know.

My favorite view from my chair. This guy. I got him an iPad for Christmas and have created a monster. He's playing some kind of racing game, ALL. THE. TIME. He's enjoying his Christmas Vacation.

There's a whole lot goin' on in this picture. My snowman jammies from Mama & Daddy. A new yarn I got that I'm loving. One more dishcloth. And my favorite 31 bag that I found is a perfect tote for my crocheting.

It's 29 degrees outside and I'm gonna go make some pancakes!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas...It's WAY too early in the morning. I'm old and have apparently started that whole thing of, can't sleep past 5 am. Bah-humbug. But it does lend well for enjoying some quiet time with God before anyone else is up. Today being Christmas morning, made it even more special.

Last night we did our Christmas Eve tradition. Went to church for the service, hymns, candle lighting, communion and hugs from loved ones. Then home for dinner, open our new Christmas jammies, load up on hot cocoa & cookies and get on the road to see Christmas lights. So precious. Except that I forgot to put the Chicken Pot Pie in the oven before we left for church, so we drove thru McDonalds. Jay complained he already has too many Christmas jammies, the guys all wanted to just stay home and watch a movie, and the boys pitched a fit when I made them go put their jammies on for a picture and car ride. Goobers. All three of them.

I FINALLY decorated the house for Christmas yesterday. Sweetie wasn't feeling like it was Christmas and really wanted the house done, so I threw on my Christmas T-shirt, turned on the Christmas tunes, put some cookies in the oven and got my decorating elf on.

My favorite nativity. Mama & Daddy got it for me. So precious.

The coffee table with my favorite Christmas books.

Because we now have built-ins in the living room, I don't necessarily need this bookcase, but it's too sentimental (Sweetie bought it for me), so it holds my cookbooks in the breakfast nook. And my nutcrackers. And yes, we believe in Santa.

Our sweet tree in the front hall. And my mistletoe ball. And yes, the guys will randomly catch me just standing under it waiting for kisses. They all obliged me. Aren't they the sweetest.

Grandma's china hutch with my other favorite nativity, also from Mama & Daddy.

LOVE this hurricane lamp. The boys etched the word "JOY" into it while doing crafts with my mom one year. "JOY", my favorite word.

The little table in the 1/2 bath. That's right, I have a table in the half bath, because I can.

Our sweet fireplace. And stockings. And apparently the boys stuffed my stocking last night after Sweetie and I went to bed. Aren't they the best!? This fireplace isn't hooked up, has never been used and the soonest the fireplace guys could come out is after the first of the year. Bummer. But that's okay, January will surely be filled with even colder days needing a fire.

Look what else the boys did. They left Santa milk and cookies, and...an apple. Cuz they want Santa to stay healthy and regular.

So I did this. :o)

Merry Christmas everyone. Love you!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas

My boys. They will be 17 and 15 next month. This is what they did when I asked them for a good picture of them in front of our tree. Goobers.

This one isn't too bad.

But then this happened.


Poor Calvin.

Oh how I love these guys.

Love this guy a lot too.

Merry Christmas Everyone! May the Gift of Jesus bring you much joy and peace!

A New Home

We moved.

Yes, right before Christmas.

Not recommended. Though, it was our idea, we now know the truth. Moving stinks,but moving at Christmas time is just pure torture.

But we are so very, very thankful.

Here it is. Isn't it purty.

I thought it was a good one, but didn't know for sure until Sweetie & I did the walk thru for the first time. To see him really like it, made it perfect.

We are thankful to be back in the town we love. We are thankful for more space. We are thankful to be home.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Boy, His Dog & Some Feet

Things are crazy this week, with all the moving. The house is naked looking. I've got a mean paper cut from a box. I dream of tape guns and furniture placement in the new house. Crazy, I tell you. But I did manage to get a couple of good pictures....

This is a daily occurrence. How cute is this?

Then there was this one. Come on, he's the cutest.

Snuggling feet while watching TV shows and I crochet, is what brings me peace this week. Calvi got me these socks last Christmas. Love.

Calvi's sweaty, smelly foot after the cast was taken off. But check out the manly hairy leg. Nice.

My third trip into town to get more boxes. I texted this to my sister in a last ditch effort to persuade her to quit her job and spend the $600 to come and help me pack and save me from my misery. She just complained that I have WAY too much stuff. Yeah, she's no help at all.

That's it for today. I need to go get my coffee and find my tape gun.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Broken Leg, A Trip to California, Finding a New Home, & A Weekend in DC

Let's start at the beginning.

Remember, Calvin broke his leg/ankle. Good times. (But he got his cast off this past week and is now in one of those walking boots, progress.)


But this is how he pretty much looked while traveling. He got the royal treatment.

Brother, however, did not. He was our slave, and pack horse.

This is us on the way to the airport. Some of us were grumpy. I'm not saying who, but I think you can tell.

So then I made them take this picture,

ah, so much better, fakeness.

See these trees, it was the last of the fall colors we were going to see. By the time we got back, all of fall was going to be gone and we'd be met with winter bareness.

One thing about flying with an invalid, you get top priority in seating. This is Calvin and I sitting up front, after not having to wait to board.

And this is Jay & Dave, sitting and scrunched and grumpy from having to wait in line. They growled at us when they walked by. Goobers.


First stop in San Diego...

That would be In-N-Out Burger. The best, ever.

Dave fell in love with photography while we were there.

His beloved palm trees.

The pretty coast.

The beautiful sky line.

Geeze-Louise, it's a gorgeous city.

We had a family day in Coronado.

Love these guys.


Jay and Dave went on a hike up Mt. Woodson. (Calvin & I, did NOT.)

Aren't they handsome?

Oh.My.Word. What a poser.

Seriously? This is SO NOT OK!!!!!!

Daddy took the guys shooting one day. Calvin is a beast on the range.

Baby love with a gun. Ugh.

And on our last day in California, I got my nails done with my Mama and my neice. I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of my sister, my mama, my daddy, anyone. Very sad.

Highlights were, just being at Mama & Daddy's house, with everyone. Seeing and being with my seester. Dave teaching my Dad how to do the Gangnam Style Dance. Hanging with Sara & Mike in San Diego. Going to Vicki's house for games & dinner. Playing cards every night with Mom-in-law. Shopping with Mama. Being gone from 'life' for two weeks. So many good times.


We had one night at home, before leaving for Washington DC. But before that, we toured a few homes and found our new one.

(Here's the story of why we are moving...we were in a rent-to-own situation, but we finally knew that we weren't going to want to buy this house when our lease was up, but the owners had buyers that wanted it, and now would be great. We were okay with staying the full lease or moving early, so it worked out for all parties. I picked moving over the holidays, just because the boys and I will have a three week break from school and we don't have any family or traveling during that time either. So it works, plus, we found a great house and a REALLY great price.)

We move next weekend. And I will post pictures then.


Onto Washington DC. Some precious friends took us with them. They go all the time, and it was so great being with people that really know what to see, when to see it and how to get around. We had too much fun with them.

We stayed in National Harbor. Sweetie & I went on an early morning walk down to the water front and saw this sculpture. It kinda freaked me out. And then I noticed that it's actually a playground for kids to climb all over. That's just disturbing.

Sweetie looking all sleepy and handsome.

They had a beautiful tree by the water. And lots of fun shops.

The city really is beautiful.

We drove around the first night seeing all the monuments all lit up in the dark.

Roosevelt Memorial.

World War II Memorial. This one was VERY impressive.

Sweet Mikaila pushed Calvin around almost the entire weekend. (No, they don't like each other 'that way', they both have their own 'special someones', they are just good friends.)

When Mikaila wasn't pushing Calvin, this is what would happen.

Greyson rode with us the whole time and 'pretended' to be our tour guide and tell us about everything. He wasn't very good. But it did keep us laughing.

The best part for me was seeing Ford's Theater and viewing the museums about Lincoln. This is the balcony where Lincoln was shot. It was very weird sitting in this theater and just imagining it all.

We went through the Smithsonian Art Museum, they had all the Presidents and their portraits. Sweetie, with his favorite President.

Outside the FBI building. The boys wanted to tour it, but we were afraid they might just keep Dave & Greyson. So we kept walking.

Mimi and I in front of the Old Post Office Building. We went all the way up into that bell tower, very cool. Love this lady. She is wild and crazy and fun and we laugh WAY too much together.

I just love this place. Even if I don't like who is in the White House right now, I still am proud of my country, and all who fight so hard and have fought so hard to protect it and serve in it.

This memorial was awesome. Seeing it up close and in person.

Bob has read and learned so much about it, the history of the statue and all, I loved that he could share it all with us.

See how intrigued we all are?

The guys under the Air Force Memorial.

Just a cute picture of these two cutie-patooties in front of a stone wall.

The whole gang on the Mall. Thanks, Daniels, we love you and had such a great time!


Whew, that was the longest post ever. And now I've got to get to packing.

Happy Saturday everyone!