happily ever after: January 2010

Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Snow Day

We interrupt the prevously scheduled programming of Baby Dave Pictures to bring you shots of our fun times with the snow.

The birthday boy got snow for his birthday. I'm thinking it was a great present, and it was free. Here he is playing out front with the neighbor boys.

My Sweetie looks good in the snow, he was recording the fun for posterity.

Sweetie tried to get the four-wheeler out and take it for a ride, it stalled in the street right in front of the house, here's he and Calvin trying to get it started. Such men I have.

Calvin taking all the kiddos on four-wheeler rides. Great fun in the snow & sleet.

Sweetie rode it to work to get some work done, he called me when he got there and told me how beautiful it was. Dan came and got the kids to take them sledding and dropped me off at the office so Sweetie and I could have a 'romantic' four wheeler ride home. Yeah, not so romantic, seriously thought I was going to die. Longest 15 minutes of my life. Sleet in the face, freezing temperatures in the face, not so much romantic.

Even the froggies were chilly. This was a few hours later, after some snow had melted...when we first woke up you could only see their eyeballs. They are so cute.

This morning was simply gorgeous.

The back deck, anyone for a grillin'?

Our home looks pretty in the snow, oh so pretty.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Baby!

My Birthday Baby.

So 12 years ago tonight, I was in the labor room trying to have a baby. Sweetie was hungry and went and got Kentucky Fried Chicken for him, my mama, his mama & his sister. I got ice chips, they were so yummy.

I think we watched Friends. And maybe some game show. Why don't I remember what was on television???

The anesthesiologist came in and gave me the wonder drug in my back and I fell in love with him. I told him not to go far, just in case I needed some more.

I think I slept, I don't really remember. Sweetie rubbed my back, Mama rubbed my feet, Mom-in-Law read a book, and Sister-in-Law video taped me, something that I will regret later as they used it to tease me...whatever!

At some point, a heart beat went too low or couldn't be found or something, all I know is I was flipped over to all fours, gave the women a show they'll never forget and everyone was rushing around. Ugh, such drama.

At about 5:30 the next morning I got to start pushing, this was HUGE! The sun was coming through the blinds and I got to push. This is when the 'sweet' nurse was telling me that I was doing fine...then my 'not so sweet' Sister-in-Law told me I was NOT doing a good job, told me to grab my knees and push like 'you know what'. Well it worked and out popped a Dave. Nice.

Next thing I know, he's blue, not breathing, the cord isn't cut all the way, grab baby & go, deal with me and then realize baby still not breathing. Sister-in-Law yelled at nurses to look at Dave and all mayhem broke out again. Of course, I'm delirious at this point and Sweetie is trying to soothe me all the while, not knowing what is going on with his son. Once all was done and fine I had baby and Sweetie had to go out to the hall to fall apart. The poor guy was my rock during the whole night, but once he saw that all was going to be fine he fell apart. Love that man.

Dave was 9 pounds, the big chunkster. Tried to bring some of my insides with him when he came out. Sweet boy. He had lots of hair (a bit scary) and big bright eyes.

And this is where I would have a picture of him while we were in the hospital. He was precious, still is. Take my word for it, he was a looker, still is.

There aren't any photos because it's after 9pm now and it's cold in the attic where the photos are and I'm on the couch and don't wanna scan photos right now. But just wait for it, tomorrow will be a real winner of a post, but be warned there may be some buns...just maybe.

All bundled and ready for our day of birthday fun...

Birthday boys' mama, he's one blessed boy.

Dave & Bryan, excited about what Calvin got his brother. They are such buds. Mr. Johnny pants couldn't come, what with the whole maybe bein' snowed in for the weekend thing.

This is my baby, he's weird, I think I'll keep him.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Scanning and Crying

look at that face, this was him taking his first steps. what a smile.

you know i had to post this, i mean, come on, love them buns.

yep, caught him red handed...he's was always the cookie bandit and still is.

ridin' the ferry across the San Diego bay to Coronado Island, one of our favorite things to do.

mama holdin' her boy, little davey was growin' in my tummy there.

that smile again, what a face! that was/is his red blankie, it is now nothing but one little red knot, but he's still got it!

sweetie was great at reading to the boys, love those zip up sleepers, he won't wear them anymore, don't understand why.

helpin' dad build the fireplace, the overalls, the boots, the plaid work shirt, the comb-over. ah, be still my heart.

he was a lover of the pooh bear. that precious face.

that's all i could handle tonight, i'm sure now that i've mastered the scan machine, there will be more photos from the past to come. this was just some from a little misc. album i could find in the dark attic...wait till i find the baby books, the wedding album, oh my, try to contain the excitement.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, My Boy!

Today my boy is 14.

Fourteen years ago, I was laying in a hospital, recovering from a c-section, delirious half out of my mind, and Sweetie was hogging the baby. He was absolutely handsome with his little hairdo, the nurses gave him a comb-over and I fell in love.

(I really need to learn how to scan pictures, because this is where I would insert my favorite picture, the first taken of Sweetie holding his son, precious.)

We started the day off today with letting him sleep in. By the time we cracked open his door his little eyes were already smiling. We (Sweetie, Dave & Me) started right in to our song and dance....never mind that I was sitting on top of him while singing and dancing (the poor guy).

He got moved to the couch with the remote. While I made the waffles and coffee he channel surfed till he found some good cartoons. The boy got coffee, waffles with berries, syrup & peanut butter (no, not all on one waffle; that would be three different waffles).

Oh, I almost forgot the lovely birthday crown that I made for him, and in trying to make it not look so much like a tiara, it instead looked more like something that he'd wear to ward off alien invasion or pick up on some sort of radio signal. He's blessed to be in this family.

We made him go to his writing class, well, because we're mean and because the boy needs to learn some writing skills.

After class & after stealing Dad from work, our first stop was the Barnes & Noble, the boy loves his bookstores, and we let him have his fill. I did my normal of picking a stack of books and plunkin' down in the kids department while the Dave looked around...Calvin later found me by my laughter...I was reading 'Skinny @#$%#', that book is SO WRONG, but hilarious. Sweetie did his normal thing of making phone calls & wandering around the store asking when we would leave. He's a funny guy. Calvin did his normal of finding 19 books and trying to decide which ones to get. We told him the book on Quantum Physics was maybe over shooting. He's a funny kid, er, I mean teenager.

Once we finally left the bookstore, he picked Panera Bread for some lunch. Yummo!

With our full bellies we walked down to Best Buy and let him wander around and pick out what he wanted as a present. He got a new camera and Dave got him his video game he was wanting. He's a happy-happy boy, er, I mean teenager.

He was finally tired so we headed home. A lazy evening of playing his new game, learning about his new camera and watching movies.

I made his favorite meal for dinner, steak, mushrooms & asparagus. Triple yummo! And right now, we're gettin' ready to head out to Goodberry's for some birthday frozen custard.

Now for some fun photos from this past week...

Sweetie and me out one afternoon for a little date, coffee and groceries at the Super Target. Good times. Love my Sweetie.

Dave was dancin' the other night, you'd be better off seeing the video, but again, I'm a little challenged in that area, so you get a picture. Dave has some mean dancin' moves. Did I ever tell you about him takin' over a wedding reception dance floor, he was 7.

Calvin had his best buds over last weekend, we took them out to dinner, let them stay up all night watching guy flicks and sleep-in in the morning. These are some great friends.

Dave being Dave and sittin' on his Mama.

My guys in the Barnes & Noble, Calvin's a little excited.

Happy Birthday, my son. You are so very precious to me and make me very proud of who God is making you to be. I love you.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thankful in Pictures

1. Coffee in the morning, measure the beans out, grind, perk, concoct, sip, eyes roll back in head with the glee.

Oh, this isn't a picture of coffee, it's Sweetie, in his lovely morning outfit. He cracks me up. I looked even worse when I took this picture, but I'm not about to post a picture of myself on here. It's not near as much fun!

2. What God is taking me through right now, loving the wisdom that I'm gleaning from this book right now.

3. Super Dave at the kitchen table, reminds me of Grover (from Sesame Street), dressed up as Super Grover in some book I used to read the boys.

4. Rose scent. My favorite Grandmother used to use some sort of lotion called 'Rose Milk' in a tall pink bottle. I used to love that stuff, the smell, the feel of it, my grandmother's wrinkly hands. I've always loved the rose smell, so I picked this up not too long ago. Simply divine!

5. What I'm reading for fun these days. Those Farm Chicks, are too much fun. Go check out her website and blog.

6. Being part of the meal swap, too much fun meals, and easy nights of not having to prep anything. This was the braided pizza we got (while it was thawing), homemade dough. Oh yeah, baby, scrumptious.

7. Meyer's cleaning products. I love, LOVE this stuff. I use the geranium scent, because I used to have geraniums all over my yard in California, and because they remind me of my grandmother, and because it just smells really good. (can you tell, I'm all about the nose?)

8. This cat. Ever since I had to take her to the vet to get something fixed, she and I have bonded. Of course it doesn't hurt that she's NOT THE ONE that peed in the house, THAT CAT has been banished to the outside. BAD KITTY!

9. This boy, even though he's been single handily responsible for improving my prayer life lately, he's a treasure that I love immensely.

10. Poultry. This one is for Julie. After hangin' out at our house the other day so her husband could watch the football game, I think she was traumatized by all my roosters. She called them poultry. Crackin' me up.

hey look, a chicken in the kitchen...

hey, another one in the living room...

check it out, a chicken in the dining room...

Poultry, it's what's for dinner.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


People say I'm organized. And Sweetie just laughs. Probably because he knows me best. He knows what lurks in my closets and in my drawers and well, he sees this...

This would be my filing basket. I think I've neglected it for four months. It's become so overwhelming that I just keep putting it off. Can anyone relate?

But today, I could no longer deny it's presence. My accountant called and needed last quarters stuff, well, it's buried somewhere in there. I promised that I'd drop it off tomorrow...so now there is no turning back.

First I sorted it into manageable piles.

Then I sorted it into drawer piles.

All this, needs to go in here. Ugh.

The sad part is in another week, I'll start boxing up all of last years stuff and closing out the year. All this work, just to put it back into a box. It doesn't seem right, it doesn't seem fair.

Piles, I'm a fan of the pile. But I'm also a fan of getting them taken care of. Who knows what could be lurking in those piles. Like today, I found .32 cents, a very hard milk dud, and proof that we spend WAY too much time at the doctors. (and no, I did NOT eat the milk dud)

It's bedtime now, my filing is done, the basket is empty, my drawers are organized, my back is killing me, but I feel lighter. As if I just lost 10 pounds. And I did, 10 pounds of baggage piled up in the corner, weighing me down every time I walked past it.

So I hope you find your pile and take care of it. You'll be every so thankful.