happily ever after: I'm Back & I'm Thankful

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm Back & I'm Thankful

Tomorrow will be the post listing all the highlights of my trip to CA. Today is just the highlights of my life this past month. :o)

1. Coffee out on the deck this morning with my Sweetie, he's so yummy. We feel like we're cheating that we get to live with such beauty surrounding us. Then Dave came out with his bowl of cheerios and ruined our romantic moment.

2. My health. Two days after getting home from CA I came down with the flu. Lovely. I'm feeling so much better today, I'm so thankful.

3. Sitting with my Sweetie at Dave's baseball game last night. Watching my little pip-squeak play against boys that surely needed to shave and were planning for college. They were no match for Dave's swiftness, they can't catch the Dave.

4. Waking up to find Sweetie still in bed, he didn't wake up early to go work in the office, I love it when that happens.

5. We're taking cookies to Calvin today. He's at camp this week. I'm hoping we get to actually see him. I miss him so much.

6. When I told Dave that I was going to have HIM make the cookies for Calvin today, while I clean house, he got all excited and said, 'Good, then I can put some cockroaches in them.' I was appalled. His dad was cracking up. Ah, life with boys.

7. So on Jay's last trip to CA he took Dave with him and they were gone for Mother's Day, not nice. In two weeks Jay and Calvin will be leaving for Guatemala for a missions trip, they'll be gone for our anniversary. Oh, but don't worry they'll be home in time for Father's Day. Yeah, whatever Buddy. I can't wait to see where he's going for my birthday.

(i just forgot this is suppose to be a thankful list, i'm thankful that my husband is even someone that feels remotely guilty about being gone on such monumental occasions)

8. Being gone for 7 days, leaving Sweetie and the two boys home by themselves, then having the flu for three days when I got home, you can imagine the state of my house. I'm actually excited about cleaning house today. No really, I am. Seriously. I'm not joking. Where is that number for merry maids?

9. I lost five pounds this week. I'm thankful for my flu.

10. I walked out my front door this morning and found that I have grass growing on my welcome mat. It cracks me up every time I think about it, I think I'll leave it like that.

Thanks for letting me take a much needed break. And thanks for not complaining..oh, except for the lovely email I got from Sara telling me that I suck. That wasn't very nice.